Welcome to my portfolio! Here you’ll find some samples of my editorial work from different publications over the past few years, as well as demos of my skills in other media like social. Please read below for more information about each section, and click on the headings (The page will open in a new window/tab) and use the top dropdown menu to navigate your way through. Please also refer to the Media section for further information about each publication and my roles in them.


  • This section contains content I’ve created for VINAzine, the official blog for the app Hey! VINA.


  • This section contains seasonal pieces I’ve contributed to the Lifestyle vertical at Bustle.

U Blush Magazine

  • This section contains monthly film-related pieces I’ve contributed to the Entertainment vertical at U Blush Magazine.

The Hudsucker

  • This section contains pieces I’ve contributed to The Hudsucker, an online lifestyle magazine.

Audrey Magazine

  • This section contains features I’ve written as a San Francisco Bay Area correspondent for AudreyMagazine.com and Audrey Magazine. The site is now defunct and articles have been archived at Audrey’s sister site, Kore Am Media.

University Link Magazine

  • This section contains PDF files of features I’ve written and Q&A’s I’ve conducted for University Link Magazine.


  • This section contains some pieces I helped report on from my Hollywood Life internship. I mostly did the reporting and interviewing on these exclusive pieces for the Los Angeles and New York editors and writers to piece together.

Miscellaneous Publications/Works

  • This section contains content from other websites and publications that I’ve contributed to once or just a few times, as well as class projects.

Best Of Blog

  • This section contains some of my favorite and popular personal/lifestyle blog posts I’ve written.

Entertainment Reviews, Interviews, and News

  • This section contains articles from the old all-entertainment version of my blog Karen On, which became Shower Sweat Repeat. The page is divided into subsections for awards season coverage; reviews (consolidated for film, theater, live music, and albums); exclusive interviews; and news. All photos and videos belong to their respective owners.

Social Media

  • This section contains samples of Tweets, Instagrams, and Facebook posts I’ve created for companies I’ve worked for.


  • This section contains general information about the blogs I’ve maintained over the years.

Special Projects

  • This section contains links to various editorial projects I’ve assisted with (Mostly fandom-related).