The non-MVP KD, but the original (Seriously, I’m a month older than him).

You may have seen the name Karen Datangel in the comments section of Facebook pages (But seriously, what are we doing there anyway?) or all up in the #SFGiants hashtag on Twitter, but there’s much more to where she came from.

Karen Datangel was a timid kid with a big imagination, the oldest of three kids in a Filipino family living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She enjoyed her writing assignments in elementary school and wrote even more in her spare time, so she took her love of writing to her high school newspaper and decided on Journalism as her major in college. She graduated with her B.A. in the field from San Francisco State University in 2010.

She got her first big break that year (Before her last semester of college) and moved to Los Angeles for a summer to intern for Bonnie Fuller’s site Hollywood Life. There, she was sent to events, celebrity parties, award shows, and premieres most folks would kill to attend and bring back some juicy gossip (And probably pissed off a few C-list stars in the process). Though she was more of an American Idol fanatic, Karen lived somewhat of a dream as HL’s beat reporter for season 7 of So You Think You Can Dance.

From there, Karen built a portfolio of editorial work in lifestyle and entertainment verticals. She now has bylines in Bustle, Fandom, POPSUGAR, Audrey Magazine, and to name a few (Though RIP to those last two publications listed). She particularly developed a passion for film and has worked with the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM) on their flagship festival for many years. Her favorite interview subjects include Anna Kendrick, Sophia Bush, Lo Bosworth, and Jennifer Siebel Newsom. In addition to her writing contributions on the Web and in print, Karen kept variations of mildly successful blogs to share her passions and life, amplify her online presence, and build her body of work.

Karen’s 9 to 5 resume is just as vast as her editorial portfolio, with focus on user operations and support in the Bay Area’s booming tech industry. She currently works in social media-based support at Google’s San Francisco office. She has also worked in office administration, local politics, at a doggy daycare, and of course, in retail.

San Francisco Giants baseball is a huge part of both Karen’s work and life. A devoted fan since 2007, she has been part of the @CafeSFG social media staff for home games since the 2016 season and can sometimes be seen at the ballpark on off-days too. When she’s not at the yard or the Giants are on the road, she’s usually complaining chatting about the game with her Twitter followers.

Aside from writing, work, enjoying movies/music/etc, and baseball, Karen can be seen out and about in SF wearing yoga pants and a hoodie or a floral dress, eating breakfast food or pizza or walking someone else’s dog. She currently lives right at the base of Twin Peaks in the city with her boyfriend.